Value Stream Mapping Software

There is a variety of Value Stream Mapping Software that is available.  Considerations when looking for a software are:

  1. Can it do calculations?
  2. How are calculations integrated into the drawing?
  3. Can VSMs be printed?
  4. Can Future State maps be created easily?
  5. Are summary metrics for Value Stream Maps easy to create?

Top software that is available is as follows:

Profit Surge VSM – A completely free Value Stream Mapping Software that is Excel based.  It draws a map on one Excel tab and links it to values and formulas on another Excel tab. This allows fast and easy drawing of VSMs and mathematical analysis.

SigmaFlow – provides lean analysis along with multi-level value stream maps to do what-if improvement scorecarding, determine effective cycle times and more.

Breezetree – Many business process modeling tools let you layout your process them dump the data to Excel for analysis. FlowBreeze VSM will cut out that middle step, automating the process in Excel.

Igrafx – iGrafx® software is the perfect solution for converting maps created by ‘walking the floor’ into electronic format for easy sharing, archival and management. iGrafx offers the leading process visualization and modeling tool to help organizations achieve business process excellence. With state-of-the-art diagramming capabilities, Lean professionals can easily create Value Stream Maps; pick charts, SIPOC diagrams, and more.

Leanview – Fully integrated lean process design solution developed to help businesses of all types and sizes cost-effectively design, evaluate and implement lean processes for improved operational and financial performance.

eVSM – Featuring “drag & drop” value stream mapping, analysis and management capabilities. Includes functionality to draw the value stream map whilst conducting detailed analysis of the findings.

Value Stream Mapping Software